Super Flash

Bergmann Super Flash


This is a Bergmann Super Flash slot machine, built around 1974.  It came into my possession several years ago in a very non-working state.  After some time, I managed to get it working but that wasn't enough.  As a computer engineer with a passion for electro-mechanical systems, I wanted to "modify" it.  Nothing irreversible, mind you... just something different.


So, I mapped out all of the analog inputs/outputs I needed, built a simple control circuit, and hooked it up to a Raspberry Pi.  That was fun but I needed more!  So, I coded a Twitch chat bot, wrote the interface between it and the Pi controller and now I want to share it with you.



Playing the game


First things to know:

  • This game does NOT use real money, you can't pay to play, and you can't win anything of value.

  • It's just for fun.

  • While the game uses Deutsche Mark (DM) and Pfennig (pf) values, we will only use the word "token".

  • Each "spin" costs 0.30 tokens.  


Super Flash Wheels

Like other slot machines, you want three of a kind (or, better yet, four of a kind when including the bonus wheel).  The three main wheels have values, suits, the letter "A" and the Joker.

  • For numbers, three of a kind pays that value in tokens.  Or, two of a kind AND the Joker.

  • Two "A"s (in left and right wheels) advances the left side stack one position.

  • For suits, three of a kind pays three tokens AND gives you Super Game spins.  See below.

  • The Joker, by itself, pays 0.30 tokens (i.e. a free spin).

Super Flash Bonus

The Bonus wheel has values, suits, the letter "A", and the "Star".

  • The numbers are used during Super Games.  See below.

  • Three "A"s advances the left side stack four positions and guarantees three Super Game spins.

  • The "Star" advances the right side stack.  When level seven is reached, three tokens are paid.

  • The Bonus wheel does not count in a three of a kind suit.

The Super Game is somewhat confusing.  It starts with winning Super Games from either reaching level four in the "A" stack or getting three or four of a kind in a suit.  

Super Flash Super Spin

Remember, each spin costs 0.30 tokens, so even if there are Super Games available, if you don't have enough tokens, you can't spin the wheels!  Left over Super Games will be given to the next player.


In Super Game mode, you get the chance to win more tokens if the center wheel stops on "yellow" (background).  On yellow, three tokens are paid.


You can also win more Super Games.  The Bonus wheel has the numbers:  3, 5, 10, and 100.  In the graphic above, notice the bottom row of digits (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11).  If the combination of the Super Game counter AND the Bonus wheel are correct (per the graphic), you win the corresponding number of Super Games.  For example, if the Super Game counter shows "5" AND the Bonus wheel shows "10", the player wins an extra 10 Super Games.  If the Super Game counter shows "11" and the Bonus wheel shows "100", the player wins an extra 100 Super Games.